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A set of high-end leather sofa includes several parts?
- Jan 07, 2018 -

A set of high grade leather sofa includes "6" parts, which are the 6 main parts of leather, sponge, sofa frame, bandage, spring and sofa foot. Next, the small editor to all of us to popularize the knowledge and the material of our company's leather sofa.

1. Leather

Most of the leather sofa on the market is made of cowhide, which is imported and domestic. Our company always insists on importing Italy's first layer of yellowhide, which is stronger and more elastic than any leather.

2. Sponges

Sponge determines the comfort of sofa, and too much soft will affect the body. Our company selects high-density springback memory sponge, which is environmentally healthy, durable, soft and hard.

3. The sofa frame

The framework, the use of solid wood, there are many not here with the user, excuse me, our sofa frame in Northeast Ye Song wood, hard wood, not easy to deformation, wood polished, processed by drying, polishing etc. without any burr, dozens of years not bad!

4, 5, bandage, spring

Spring is a bandage and sofa sofa interior materials, flexibility is good, strong bearing force is not strong depends on them, if we choose to import the bandage, high elastic bandage, bandage is consistent with the European high-end brand selection, customization of ultra wide band high elasticity (containing 120 with Dichotomanthes first, containing 60 with spring); selection of high carbon steel with serpentine spring diameter, higher than 100% of the high carbon steel with beryllium copper spring coil spring.

6. The foot of the sofa