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Bed maintenance
- May 16, 2017 -

Sleep is a part of life can not be ignored, a good mattress not only allows you to have a comfortable sleep, but also for your own body is also good, the following is the mattress maintenance of the eight prescriptions for reference:

1, the regular adjustment of the direction: the new mattress began to use, the first year to be done every three months before and after the direction and the flip operation, so that every part of the mattress force evenly, increase the mattress life;

2, to maintain air circulation: to ensure that the mattress material is not damp, and increase the comfort of mattresses, mattresses used in the room must keep the air circulation;

3, to avoid a single point in the mattress or fixed-point pressure to avoid standing on the mattress or do a single point of jump or fixed-point weight, this will make the mattress uneven force, should also avoid long-term sitting Edge, and shorten the mattress life;

4, do not use water to clean the mattress: in case of liquid pouring and penetrate into the mattress layer, do not wash with water, should immediately wipe with a strong absorbent cloth forced to absorb, and then use the hair dryer cold wind ( Or the fan can be dry. In addition, do not use dry lotion to clean the bed, which may damage the fabric;

5, do not smoke in bed or place the mattress near the flame;

6, the use of cleaning pad: To ensure that the mattress hygiene, in the bed before the bed, first covered with cleaning pad;

7, up and down pad with: Do not put in the pad and the mat between the mat or the pad on the damaged old mattress, you can buy the match with the pad to extend the life of the new mattress and sleep comfort , Mattress surface contamination, can be used to scrub with alcohol;

8, careful handling: in the handling, the mattress should be placed on the upright, do not bend folding, this will damage the mattress of the stereotypes of the border, resulting in deformation of the mattress.