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Bed selection
- May 16, 2017 -


Contemporary bed, in fact, including bed and mattress two parts. The latest trend on the bed requires roughly four points. First is solid, can not sleep up to have the feeling of shaking. Second, the shape should be simple, straight lines straight to the bed more in line with the purchase of consumers ideas. Third, the bed area has increased the trend, and to make the characteristics. As a furniture designer, the bed of this kind of furniture, the most outstanding part resting on the bed. Fourth, the bed height is reduced, plus a lot of mattress after only 20 cm, while the traditional bed height is 40 cm.


To sleep well, the mattress is the key. Experience tells us that good mattresses should be strong enough to support your body in all parts, and when you lie on it, the vertebrae and the standing state are similar. Of course, can not be too hard, so that the buttocks and shoulders beyond its normal curvature, should not be too soft, so difficult to move the body in sleep.


High-end bed, the mattress is also exceptionally stress. One is using a separate mattress. Second, the use of materials stress, first of all fill the elegant, to achieve environmental protection, ventilation, and human affinity and other requirements, and then there is outside the package of fabric, and some high mattresses are used in high-grade polyester, texture is very good

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