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Health Mattress Purchase Skills
- Mar 04, 2018 -

1, consider the size of the mattress, choose the mattress, the individual height plus 20 centimeters for the best size, so that the head and hands and feet stretching left room.

2, because each person to the soft and hard elasticity of the mattress needs of different, especially the elderly need to pay special attention to their sleep habits, too soft mattress prone to collapse, get up difficult. Therefore, the choice of high hardness mattress is advisable.

3, choose to rely on and have a good reputation of well-known brands. Do not blindly superstitious imports of mattresses, but to see manufacturers product quality guarantee.

4, relax in a variety of posture to try to lie, flip, feel the mattress on the body of the contact and support, in the test lying feel its mattress touch and soft hardness. 、

5, is to first understand whether the main structure of the mattress is in accordance with human body mechanics, whether it can provide appropriate support for the human body, lying on its upper, can maintain a most natural and comfortable state, without the slightest oppression and reluctance.

6, test the elasticity of the mattress hardness, because the human spine is not always the line, but the S-type, so the need for appropriate hardness support, a full of excellent elastic spring mattress, in order to get comfortable sleep.