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Health Mattress Type
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Memory Cotton Mattress

Memory Cotton Health mattress is a very common one, the use of a special temperature-sensitive decompression material manufacturing, can provide comfortable support hardness, while being able to perceive and remember the human curve, in accordance with the human body ups and downs perfect plastic, and the human body completely fit, so that all parts in no pressure state, promote blood circulation, ease the body fatigue and soreness, Avoid the traditional mattress because of the neck, the waist overhead bending production fatigue and stiff neck, so that the cervical spine and spine to get complete relaxation and rest, and thus reduce the amount of unnecessary sleep when the number of turns, reduce snoring, muscle soreness and other conditions to achieve health effects.

Health Mattress Therapy Mattress

Magnetic health care Mattress, the mattress has hundreds of permanent magnets installed, the body lying on top, these magnets can be comfortable and evenly contact the body everywhere, produce massage effect, and emit weak magnetism, promote blood circulation, alleviate fatigue, soothing body and mind, in order to achieve health care effect.

HVAC Mattress

Warm and cold air mattress is composed of warm and cold temperature control host, hose, mattress, remote control four parts. Its working principle is to use hose connection mattress and host, from water injection to add pure water, through the host to the water heating or cooling, and then adjust the temperature of the water into the mattress, and the body for hot and cold exchange. Heating and Air-conditioning mattress it is safe and environmental protection, no electromagnetic radiation, no noise, and it is small, can be arbitrarily folded, can be collected when not, save space