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How to choose a leather sofa?
- Jan 07, 2018 -

When buying a leather sofa, do not control what brand it is. We should consider it from the following points: 1, choose color: according to our own aesthetic point of view, combined with family environment, choose the color of upward force to your heart. But, if there is a child in the home, or have children to get married, the best choice of black, black or liver, should choose light white; 2, to determine the sofa price: choose according to their own economic conditions and realistic conditions, such as the home of children 2~3 years old, this time to buy leather sofa, do not choose too expensive the best considered for 3~5 years out of Pisava; 3, a good amount of your living room and the size of the door, this step can be effectively operational room space, also can effectively prevent the sofa can not enter the home; 4, try to sit: if not buy, for the old man sits, is leaning back feeling that must not buy this kind of sofa, can make people develop is not conducive to the people to keep body straight and full of vitality of the bad habits, especially for families with children, not even buy the leather sofa, please choose to sit make people have Full of vitality to Pisava; 5, (1) see leather leather sofa leather sofa leather and the best choice, with yellow leather is excellent, and the leather sofa and full leather and leather half points, a total of 10 head of cattle leather sofa needs, both ventilation and environmental protection, but the price is high; half the leather sofa only contact parts of the human body with the other parts of the use of leather, PU leather and artificial leather, affordable, suggest the public choice half leather sofa, in order to save social resources. The skin of the leather sofa is also divided into the head layer, the two layer and the three layer of skin, which is good for the skin of the head layer. High quality leather, must be environmentally friendly, breathable pores, leather soft, plump, moist, no scar, surface color fastness, not easy to fade, mechanical strength, tear strength, tensile strength, grain surface crack of high strength, no obvious wrinkles after sitting; please note: if the surface like a mirror so bright may, is the renovation of the skin, and the Pidaduo will not much breathable hair eye, and so almost pegamoid. For real leather identification, please read my "how to identify the genuine leather products and how to identify the real skin?" ; (2) frame quality leather sofa around repeatedly shook, can determine whether the frame is firm, then ask the assistant for viewing the leather sofa, opened the seat bottom cloth, good quality, no rotten wood no insects, no scar, no bark, wood is the connection with a notch or mouth the intersection of the bite, and then glue, rather than use nails. (3) internal high-grade leather sofa back cushion cushion has good elasticity, ride comfort, the bottom seat and the backrest, the nylon belt and snake spring cross network series structure, above the high elastic foam, layered matting Penjiaomian and light body foam. Mid-range leather sofa is more pressure to plastic fiber board seat and the back bed, above layered medium density foam and Penjiaomian, sit feeling is hard, looking somewhat less flexible. The cushion generally uses 30 kilograms or more cubic meters, the back cushion uses 25 kilograms / cubic meter above the high elasticity sponge sponge, the high-grade leather sofa also sets the vertical spring in the cushion, causes the leather sofa to have the high resilience and the anti-aging performance. 6, at last look at the skin sofa brand, distribution unit and after-sales service and so on.