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How to distinguish the fake leather sofa
- Jan 07, 2018 -

I believe we all know the good leather it is certainly not out of imitation, imitation leather sofa leather, so the price is below the price of leather sofa, if you use a low price to buy a leather sofa, it is certainly not reasonable.

Method 1: Watch

Of course, now most of the businessmen have mastered this point, so they tend to raise the price of leather sofa, in order to prove that it is the leather sofa, so we need to look at the leather sofa style, always give a person a kind of very domineering very luxurious feeling, and there is no cloth, the taste completely show out.

Method two: field test

If is the leather sofa by hand fold up, around the uniform, and the nails on the surface gently scratch, scratch will soon disappear, and the leather sofa by hand according to time, around the fold is very messy uneven, if the nail test, scratch for a long time not dispersed.

Method three: hand touch

Old people often say "what things are to take is the most stable" in the hands of time, so we must use our hands to touch, generally speaking, leather sofa leather leather sofa is more than soft, the surface is very delicate. Just contact the surface of the sofa, hand feel warm, and leather sofa to give a person feel really cool.