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Leather sofa classification
- May 13, 2018 -

Leather sofas can be classified into three categories: artificial leather sofas, half leather sofas and full leather sofas

Artificial Leather Sofa - As the name suggests, sofa fabrics are all made of artificial leather. Cost is the lowest of the three. Specifically, leather sofas can be divided into half leather sofas and full leather sofas.

Half-leather sofa - Half-leather sofa refers to the leather fabric (such as cushions, cushions, armrests) used in contact with people. The rest of the sofas are made of artificial leather (such as sofa backs). This design takes into account both the user experience and the cost savings. Most leather sofas on the market use this approach. The disadvantage is that there is sometimes a noticeable difference between leather and artificial leather, even with the same color.

Full leather sofa - refers to the sofa fabric (except the bottom) completely wrapped in leather. The price of the full leather sofa is the highest one in the leather sofa. The sofa adopts a uniform fabric, which makes the appearance of the sofa look like there is no difference in color and texture.

European-style leather sofas are generally white in color and light in color; Chinese-style leather sofas are dark brown and black in color, and have fewer colors; leather sofas have more colors, but they are inferior in texture and sense of use.

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