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Leather sofa features
- May 13, 2018 -


Leather sofas are more atmospheric, fashionable, and clean. A good leather sofa is also more durable. And the shape is simple, very good match, the most important thing is the texture of leather sofa is better, sitting on it is very comfortable.


Maintenance: Good leather sofas are relatively expensive, but not good leather sofas are not durable enough. If they are not clean, they will emit skin odor. Basically, after a few years, leather sofas have to be renovated. Leather sofa maintenance is still more troublesome.

Tendon: The veins in animals are naturally formed.

After processing (heavy pressure and flattening), there will be a trace, which is caused by not being flattened during the heavy pressure process. Only the leather has this phenomenon. The touch is slightly worse, but it does not affect the years of adaptation. It is not required to use the front when making furniture.

Fat wrinkle: It is an inevitable phenomenon in the growth process of cattle, such as the belly, armpits, neck and other parts of cattle.

Cowhide leather is painted in accordance with the template. When making sofas and other furniture, the use of cowhide is large. Sometimes it will inevitably contain belly, armpit, neck and other parts, does not affect the performance, but for the sensory effect, do not use Positive.