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Leather sofa identification
- May 13, 2018 -

Leather sofas have leather and imitation leather. The leather is made of natural leather, mainly leather and pigskin. Imitation leather is artificial. There is a big difference in performance and price between the two, and attention should be paid when buying.

Natural leather has regular natural pores and striae, and the skin pores are fine and dense.

Irregular arrangement, smooth skin, pigskin pores showed a triangular arrangement of goods, cortical loose; imitation leather is not, even if it is artificially made, more easily distinguishable. In addition, they can be distinguished from their sections. Natural leather is made of tanned leather and imitation leather has no such structure. Good leather sofa with good workmanship, clean and tidy skin, less disability, soft and elastic feel, uniform color. The color fastness of leather leather is good. Wiping on the surface of leather with a damp cloth will not fade away. The seams on the leather are neat, the stitches are uniform and the stitches are straight. The sofa is smooth and full without wrinkles.

Look at the material

Leather sofa is actually a general name, pigskin, horse skin, donkey skin, leather can be used as a sofa material, you must find out what leather is used. Among them, the leather cortex is soft, thick, and of the best quality. The sofa is generally made of buffalo leather, and the cortex is relatively thick and affordable. Even better, there is a Class A first layer of yellow leather. The skins of horse skin and donkey skin are similar to those of leather, but the surface of the skin is loose and lax. It takes a long time to peel off and is not durable, so it is cheap.

Look wooden frame

To see if the sofa skeleton is firm, this is related to the life and quality assurance of the sofa. The specific method is to lift one of the three-seater sofas. When the raised part is separated by 10cm, the other leg is off the ground, and only the other side is also off the ground. The inspection is passed.

Distinguish smell

The dermis has an odor of the animal; the fake skin, on the other hand, tends to irritate the leather.

Look at the filler

Fillers mainly refer to sponges. The sponges are divided into three types: elastic, high elasticity, super soft, and bullet. The specific method is to press the handrail and backrest of the sofa by hand. If the presence of the wooden frame can be clearly felt, the packing density of this set of sofa is not high, and the elasticity is not good enough. The wooden frame that can be easily pressed will also accelerate the wear of the sofa jacket and reduce the service life of the sofa.

Look at the corner

Some leather sofas use high-quality leather on the sofa in order to reduce the cost, while the back or corners are impregnated with inferior leather.