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Soft bag Bedside Purchase skills
- Mar 04, 2018 -

1. Polyester is a synthetic fiber, with good wrinkle resistance, the polyester fiber bedside soft package material elasticity is good, can reduce the external force to the material damage, simultaneously the insulation is good, may avoid burns, the ventilation is good, can reduce the damp to the bed corrosion, at the same time, the polyester fiber bedside soft package material pore is more, The material is easier to clean. The cost of polyester fiber is lower, the price is compared, such a bedside soft package material about 30 yuan per square meter.

2. The cloth is the bedside soft package to do also for the widespread, fabric has the appearance of fashion, warm and comfortable features, fabric of the bedsidesoft package material is mainly aimed at enhancing the soft feeling of the room, increase the comfort of the bed, fabric material of the bedside soft package material is easy and bedroom style coordination, choose fabric to do bedside soft package material can not be wrong, The price comparison can be accepted by most consumers.

3. Bedside Soft package material leather surface is more smooth, soft, elastic, its texture is good, leather in furniture, clothing application is extremely extensive, bedside soft leather material, good quality, maintenance is also more convenient, durable. Leather Bedside Soft Package material luster can also bring people comfort, leather made bedside soft package material, compared to other materials do bedside soft bag, its price is more expensive, high-grade leather about 180 yuan to 260 yuan per square meter, middle and low leather about 100 yuan to 150 yuan persquare meter, Bedside Soft package material grade to decorate the effect to play a decisive factor.