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The efficacy of health mattress
- Mar 04, 2018 -

1. Promote blood circulation

There is a multi-functional mattress containing tourmaline material, can pass the human nerve current, so that the blood circulation smoothly, this contains tourmaline components of multi-functional health mattress is widely used, is a really convenient multi-functional health mattress.

2, Supplementary trace elements

Jade Health Mattress contains zinc elements, selenium elements, copper elements, magnesium elements, such as a variety of trace elements, with the exception of the stomach heat, nourishing viscera, muscle, such as strong bone role. Can be the human body to supplement trace elements, so no need to worry about the lack of trace elements.

3. Anticancer Germanium element

Health mattress contains organic germanium compounds, can anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-hypertension and regulate the immune function, but has not yet been necessary for the biological elements, to know that trace elements, although useful but also harmful, as the human understanding of the nature of deepening, the human body does not have to trace elements, It may now be found to be useful and necessary for biology.

4, the treatment of rheumatism

Health mattress can play the role of acupuncture, so as to achieve the role of curing rheumatism. For a friend with leg pain, a health mattress is one of your best choices.