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The maintenance and cleaning of the rattan sofa
- May 16, 2017 -

1, to avoid direct sunlight, to prevent the rattan fade, dry.

2, do not make it close and close to the fire, heat, do not sunshine for a long time, or easy to deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and disengagement.

3, because the rattan furniture on the surface of the place more ash, cleaning can be used to take the first vacuum cleaner or brush with a soft brush from the first out of the dust blowing, and then wiped with a little wet cloth, and finally wipe with a soft cloth Clean can be.

4, rattan in use

After a period of time, you can use light salt water scrub rattan furniture, both decontamination, but also to maintain its flexibility for a long time, there are certain anti-crisp, pest control effect.

5, the original color of the rattan furniture renovation method: first clean and dry, and then sandpaper polished rattan furniture outside the rattan frame, so that the skin to remove stains and restore smooth, and then a layer of varnish protection, that is a new look.

Other Note:

Avoid sharp, rough objects touch the surface of the sofa, so as to avoid damage. Smoking should pay attention to cigarette butts, matches, lighters and other possible damage to the sofa.

Should pay attention to prevent cats and dogs and other pet scratching the damage caused by the fabric.

Such as home long-term uninhabited, it is best to use sheets and so will the sofa cover good.

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