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The maintenance method of soft bag bedside
- Mar 04, 2018 -

1. Leather should first use clean hands to rub the purse, as long as the appropriate temperature and grease, with the hand slowly gently rub, it can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. In addition, ordinary use, at any time to maintain oil to extend the service life. As for the use of maintenance oil, can be used in general leather care liquid (on the market are sold), but it should be noted that, because of the different cortex, use the first to ask the cortex, and then to maintain the liquid smear in the bottom of the purse or inside such as not pleasing to the eye, to test whether it can be applied.

2. Soft package background Wall is not a general plank and other substances, it and leather, and can not use alcohol, the water and other chemical thinners to clean stains, we can try to use detergent and water to clean, with a dishcloth stained with detergent gently wipe stains, then clean with water. If the stain is not clear, then you can try other means, such as the use of toothpaste coated with soft background wall, and then wipe with a clean cloth, or you can use their own brains, try a variety of means.