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Types of sofas
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Category one (by function)

Can be divided into functional sofas, fixed back sofa, electrodeless control sofa, pneumatic sofa (ie: manual sofa), electric sofas and TV sofas and so on.

Sofa is already a necessary furniture for many families. Sofa in the market generally has low back sofa, high back sofa and between the former two ordinary sofa three kinds. The following three kinds of characteristics are introduced for consumers to choose to buy.

Low back sofa: belongs to the rest type of light chair. It supports the user's waist (lumbar spine) with a support point the lower height of the sofa, the general distance of 370 mm from the seat, the angle of the back is also small, not only conducive to rest, but also the entire size of the sofa outside the corresponding reduction. This kind of sofa move more convenient, lightweight, small footprint.

High back sofa: Also known as air-style seats. It is characterized by a three fulcrum, so that the waist, shoulders, back of the head at the same time on the back of the surface. These three support points in space does not constitute a straight line, thus making this kind of sofa technical requirements, the purchase of the difficulty is also relatively large selection. Make the wooden frame of high back sofa, must be clear on the shelf to make the transition surface of three points, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the position of the support point when the sofa is masked and so on, to bring the user uncomfortable feeling. Buy high back sofa to pay attention to its back three of the composition of the support point is reasonable, appropriate, can be judged by the test seat. The high back sofa is evolved from the recliner. In order to improve the rest performance, can also be equipped with a footstool, put the sofa, its height can be the same as the front of the sofa seat surface high.

Ordinary sofa: is a common one in the family sofa. The market sells more for this kind of sofa. It has two supporting points to support the user's lumbar spine, the thoracic vertebrae, can obtain the body with the back of the surface with the effect. This kind of sofa backrest and the angle of the seat surface is very critical, the angle too big or too small will cause the user's abdomen muscle strong, produces the fatigue. Similarly, the width of the sofa seat surface should not be too large, usually in accordance with the standard requirements within 540 mm, so that the user's calf can be adjusted sitting posture, rest more comfortable.

• Category II (sorted by material)

There are four main categories: leather sofas, fabric sofas (in fact, fabric sofas), curved wooden sofas and rattan sofa.

• Category III (in style)

Can be divided into American sofas, Japanese-style sofas, Chinese-style sofas, European-style sofas, modern sofas.

Classification four (according to the place of use)

Can be divided into: civilian sofas, office sofas, rest Club sofa and so on. Its use of different occasions, the use of sofas are also unique.

• Classification five (according to applicable place classification)

Can be divided into: hotel sofas, KTV sofas, civilian sofas, restaurant sofas, office sofas, home sofas and so on.

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