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What skin does the leather sofa usually use?
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Leather is a general term actually, pig, horse, donkey leather, leather sofa can be used as raw materials; and a classification method is according to the leather fabric leather texture and appearance: all green, half green, embossed leather, leather crack four, before a general price is high, but high quality; the latter two, relatively cheap, for use by the general family.

Our team is grouped by four independent company, Jpai Craft Furniture Co., Ltd. Haining San Jose Furniture Co., Ltd. Haining Welong Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. Haining San Jose Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Jpai Craft Furniture Co., Ltd was founded by Mr. Andy Sure in 2007. He worked as the team leader, main function is marketing development, production developing, customer service. 15 professional employees are worked on material sourcing, production research & development, building sample, marketing development, sales, customer service etc.  

Haining San Jose Furniture Co., Ltd was founded in 2010. Ms. Lisa who is Andy’s wife is team head. She’s furniture manufactory . By the year 2015, she had total occupied area is 38,000 square meter workshop.  More than 200 skilled workers are working on upholstery furniture.  Capacity is about 10 containers per day.

Haining Welong Home Furnishing Co., Ltd was Founded by Mr. Yvjianxing whom Andy’s uncle in 2009. He joint to JPAI in 2013. Over 20 years contexture working experience help us producing high quality fabric. The main production is textile, curtain, bedding etc.

Haining San Jose Import & Export Co., Ltd is a IMP.&EXP. Company, Handling wood importing, some special parts importing for the team. And export furniture, fabric, bedding, curtain to our small customer who cannot buy a whole container or need us buy the goods from different company. We offer this service.