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Why does a single leather sofa harden?
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Because of the simple and fashionable leather sofa single features by the majority of consumers, after the purchase, a single leather sofa with time, a lot of problems, recently there are some problems with our customer response: sofa leather becomes hard and brittle, Xiaobian immediately to ask our factory master, Xiaobian summary a few points, we hope to help!

One person real leather sofa picture

The reason why the single leather sofa is hard and brittle is because the oil on the surface of the leather is damaged. As long as the leather simulation oil is repainted on the surface, the leather products must be placed neatly, so that we can penetrate the leather inside deeply under the gravity of ourselves.

If a single leather sofa leather has become soft, on the bottom surface of leather with a hair dryer heat to 60 degrees, "a few, and then hands the leather caught in the middle, the principle of simulation play cotton, like applause as gently pat the skin to make the skin fiber vibration, fiber bonding fully lifted, and then then the simulation of oil, so repeatedly, the leather will become soft.