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Fabric Sofa Maintenance
- May 16, 2017 -

1, at least once a week, pay attention to remove the dead ends, the fabric between the dust.

2, such as the mat can be used for turning, should be turned once a week, so that wear evenly distributed. But also often the mat to get outdoors to beat, loose internal fibers, to maintain the flexibility of the sofa.

3, such as stained with stains, can be wiped with a clean cloth wipe the water, in order not to leave the mark, it is best to wipe from the periphery of stains. Velvet furniture can not be water, should use dry cleaning agent.

4, all cloth sets and bushings should be dry cleaning method, can not be washed, banned bleaching. 5, if found loose thread, do not hand torn, with scissors neatly cut it flat.

5, cloth sofa easy to accumulate dust, so should regularly use tools such as vacuum cleaners, but not the cloth close to the cloth, so as not to stay dirty in the cloth, or the thread hook up the fabric.

6, cloth sofa wear as leather sofa is good, so should always be sitting in the same position, once the hair ball, you can use a small scissors, razor or hair ball machine to be removed.

7, if stained, then the water can be used for local scrub; if the removable sofa, it can be removed, the internal valgus, with a detergent or detergent dip sponge to its local cleaning, and then Water rinse; but should pay attention to whether the fabric is suitable for washing, if suitable for washing, you should regularly about half a year or so to remove the cleaning.

8, the new cloth sets, should first spray anti-fouling agent to prevent pollution and dust.