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How Should The Leather Sofa Be Maintained
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Leather sofa feels comfortable, but its cortex is delicate. You should deal with its meticulous maintenance. For example, when you are in daily use, you should avoid sharp tools scratching the leather, and also avoid ballpoint pen, ink and other dirty sofa. If it is found that the dirty places should be cleaned with leather cleaners immediately, and then cleaned with dry towels after cleaning, and waiting to be completely dried in the use of protective agents.

No matter it is leather sofa or artificial leather sofa, we should try to put them in a cool place to prevent balcony exposure. Of course, leather sofa should not be placed in a large humidity area, and placed in the ventilating place as far as possible. Also try to avoid the child on the sofa thrashing around, so as not to scratch and reduce the service life of sofa.

In addition, people in daily life, should also pay attention to regular clean leather sofa, in order to allow the sofa to use longer, it is recommended that the best use of special leather cleaners, and every time after cleaning the best care for the sofa. After cleaning, spray leather protector until wet, wipe the leather, gently rub, do not rub, and wipe each part in sequence, and repeat the protective agent in order to keep the material wet until the nursing procedure is completed, the ductility of the skin is reduced, thus extending the life of the sofa.

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