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How should leather sofa drop skin to deal with?
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Now people's life is good, sofa has entered tens of millions of families. In many sofa, leather sofa is favored by many consumers for its advantages of atmosphere, elegance and cleanliness. But leather sofa is harder to maintain than other sofa, so what happens if leather sofa is dropped?

If sofa is used long, there will be such a problem, for example, peel and crack is a very common problem. If it's in the warranty period, it can be sold to the manufacturer for help later. If we exceed the warranty period, we must solve it by ourselves. You can first use leather special cleaning agent to clean the sofa, then dry or dry. Then use the anionic leather patching paste Hsiuping crack and peel off, will repair it by spraying sealant, and then drying.

In order to repair the best effect, you should continue drying it after drying. It is recommended to use sandpaper to slightly polish the surface to smooth and smooth. Then, according to the color of the sofa, the reinforcing agent is sprayed and sprayed with color. The film forming agent has a color film on the leather surface and then dries. At last, we use sponge block to make a leather smoothing agent for sofa, so that the phenomenon of sofa skinning is not only solved, but also makes leather sofa new and bright.