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How To Choose A Fabric Sofa
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Fabric sofa, using soft fabric and rich colors to give the sofa a free and changeable expression, or natural warmth, or elegant retro, or simple and elegant, or noble and beautiful, unique personality, but also makes the sofa more affinity.

The internal structure of the fabric sofa

The firmness of the fabric sofa frame structure directly affects the service life of the sofa. At present, the common sofa internal structures on the market mainly include: solid wood structures, panel wood structures, and all-steel welded structures.

The common and better quality materials for fabric sofas are birch and pine. Birch is relatively hard, but pine has a bactericidal effect. Solid wood frame wood has high strength, high density and strong bearing capacity. However, due to the scarcity of wood resources, the real solid wood furniture is quite expensive and the processing technology is relatively complicated. Therefore, such sofas are relatively rare.

Slab structure refers to the furniture made of density board, particle board, and multilayer board. Compared with solid wood frame with heavy material material, it is more inclined to style. The panel structure is simple and inexpensive, and it can process complicated styles of various styles. However, it is most criticized by the formaldehyde pollution released by the adhesive in the raw materials. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention to each of them. Whether the item meets the standard.

The all-steel welding structure is welded and molded under standard molds using ordinary standard square steel pipes. It has good structural stability, high strength, good environmental protection, and long service life. However, such a process is difficult to form, has long working hours, high technical requirements, and relatively high prices.

Want to know whether the overall structure of the sofa is firm, when choosing a sofa, first observe whether the plates are sticky and whether the screws are full. Second, you may wish to shake your hands from side to side to see if there is a rattling sensation or audible noise. If you feel a rattling or audible noise, the structure of the sofa is not firm. Look at the use of smashing structures. If it is found that the internal frames are all assembled from nails, they must not be purchased.

details decide the quality. Whether the surface of the sofa will play ball, whether the elasticity of the sponge, the consistency of the cloth pattern mosaic, etc., can be seen from these details the quality of the sofa. So when shopping, be sure to pay attention to details.

Not a good sofa is a good sofa, if you want to feel comfortable and stand upright. When shopping for sofas, be sure to pay attention to the experience. Under normal circumstances, the human body sat down after the sofa is about 10 cm depression is appropriate. After standing up, look at the fabrics on the buttocks, backrests, and armrests for signs of slack and long-lasting folds. If so, this sofa is not suitable for purchase.

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