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How To Taste The New Leather Sofa?
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Leather sofa is the sofa of a lot of people like fashion, new furniture can bring a lot of fun to your family and life, but when you spend big price to buy leather sofa, there is a the taste and smell of leather can let a person very uncomfortable, leather sofa more or less a little taste cannot be avoided, how to taste new leather sofa?

1.Open the Windows to air.

Ventilation is the best way to taste, so to smell is to keep the room air flowing. Effectively remove the taste of leather sofas.

2.Plant green plants.

Green plants all have the function that purify air, can and good absorb harmful gas, so can raise a few aloe in the home, hang orchid, evergreen cane is very necessary.

3. The pomelo peel

Taste of pomelo peel to believe that everyone is familiar with to smell method, can put a few slices of pomelo peel under the sofa, or on the ark, the smell of leather sofa about ten days or so will fade away, leaving a light faint scent.

4.Tea bags/sachets.

Tea bags or sachets can be used as a way to get rid of the smell, by placing some sachets or tea bags or hanging on the edge of the sofa, which will absorb the stench.

5. Wipe the lemonade/tea water.

Use a towel to dip some tea or lemon water to wipe the leather sofa, several times a day, the effect is very good, but a little trouble.

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