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Leather Sofa Cleaning
- May 16, 2017 -

Things with a long time, the general will become dirty bad. Leather sofa is no exception, then how to give them cleaning and daily protection?

(1), the sofa's dermis is susceptible to strong light and hard to change color, so we should put it in a cool place. But that place can not be too wet, because the dermis easily damp moldy. So put the sofa into a cool dry place on the best.

(2), remember not to jump on the leather sofa, do not put the hard objects on the leather surface, it is easy to damage the leather surface.

(3), if you want to move the sofa, to grasp the bottom of the sofa,

Do not catch its skin, it will damage the skin.

(4), the best day to clean up the gap under the sofa skin stains, with a soft cloth coated with some neutral light soapy water, wring dry and gently wipe. If you find a mark on the top of the ball and other left, please use their eraser to get them.

(5), the sofa cushion is best to choose some of the more soft, to prevent the friction damage.

(6), irregular sitting method is easy to make the sofa damaged, such as sitting on the leather sofa armrest, or sitting on the edge of its seat.

For the newly purchased leather sofas, first wash the towel with water, wring dry after wiping the surface of the sofa dust and dirt, avoid using water or wipe with gasoline. And then gently wipe the surface of the sofa with a care agent one or two times, in the leather surface to form a protective film, so that dirt is not easy to penetrate the real pores.