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Maintenance Of Bed
- Mar 13, 2018 -

  Tody we tell you the maintenance of bed.

  1.Regular adjustment,after the new mattress began to use,it needs to be turned over every three months,let each part of the mattress have a uniform force and increase the life of the mattress.

  2.Keep air flow.In order to ensure that the mattress is not dampened and the mattress is comfortable, the air circulation must be kept in the room used by the mattress.

  3.Don't jump on the mattress frequently

  4.When a liquid penetrates into the bed of the mattress, do not wash it with water.You should use

a strong hygroscopic dishcloth to clean it,the you can Blow dry with the cold wind of a hair dryer.

  5.Do not smoke on the bed or put the mattress near the flame

 Well,think for reading.