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Something Aboout Chair's Design Ⅱ
- Feb 03, 2018 -

  Well,tody let me talk about the elements of the chair.

   There include 4 points:

   1.Practicabilit.Modern furniture is not only reliable, applicable, safe, but more important is its function and comfort.No matter what the furniture is, it should be based on the basic principles of ergonomics.We should create a maximum of comfort and convenience for consumers and a sense of security and visual beauty.

   2.Artistry.Modern furniture is not simply a simple consumer goods.The style of furniture directly affects the artistic effect of indoor furnishings, and can give people a bright eye.

   3.Technology.Every furniture has different craft. The design of furniture must be designed according to the process. The process must be correct and reasonable.

   4.Economical efficiency.In the process of design, cost, material consumption and labor cost should be taken into account. This can save more money and time for the enterprise

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